When Stephen''s mother asked him to frame a photo of her grandson playing in the pumpkin patch (she had seen on it Instagram). Squareframe founder Stephen Smith, quickly realized there was no easy, or affordable way to do it. It was either choose between the high prices of existing apps or deal with the hassle of DIY. That was the point where Stephen decided to reverse engineer the framing process and see if it could be done for $25 on a business scale. After a few months of research, modeling, and talking to eventual framing partners, Stephen then realized that yes, it could be done for an affordable price point, and make professional framing more accessible to everyone. That is how Squareframe was born.

Preserve Your Photos
Our frames consist of premium quality luster photo paper, sustainable New Zealand pine wood molding, UV filter acrylic glass, and acid-free paper matting.

Simple, Fast, Easy
With just a quick photo upload to the app, and a few swipes right/left & up/down. You can have your customized frame on its way to your door in less than 2 minutes!

Decorate Your Space
Surround yourself with memories of you, and your loved ones in style. Looking for ideas? Take a look at our Pinterest Page, we''ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Forget DIY Hassles
Pick your photo, frame, and size all from the app. Have it directly shipped to your door, or to someone else as a gift!

Makes the Perfect Gift
We will ship directly to a friend, family, co-worker, or client! Actually, we will ship it just about anywhere. It makes a perfect quick gift, that will speak more than just words.

Several Frame Options
See our Portfolio & How It Works sections for more details. We offer 6 different finishes, in square or rectangular shapes. Perfect for any decor, and always a unique, and personalized match to your photo.

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Agogo Eats

Agogo Eats

Agogo Eats produces mobile applications, predominantly for the travel industry. The dedicated owners appreciation for Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles has led to their latest iPhone apps. They struggled relating their dietary exclusions when traveling and thought there has to be a simple, easy way to communicate their dietary concerns in an easy to use fashion. After all, one of the best parts of traveling is enjoying the local foods!

Veggoagogo and Veganagogo are amazingly easy to use travel translation apps that help get past the often impossible pronunciations of local languages. In innovative interface design incorporates universal animal symbols and text to relate often times complex messages to waiters, hotel staff or strangers you ask directions from. With 50 professionally translated language texts built into each app, you can travel the world in confidence knowing that you can related you special dietary choices to locals. Select from a variety of common messages, press the translate button and your iPhone screen displays the translated message into any of 50 languages along with the ability to select an image representation such as a cow with the international no (red circle with slash) symbol, pig, chicken, butter, milk, eggs, etc. Simply show to the waiter, food market worker or anyone to easily recognize what you are relating to them. We've even included a hearty thank you message too!

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