The Ventilator App

The Ventilator App
Designed for iPhone & iPad

Platform: iPhone & iPad | Country: USA (South Carolina) | Client: First Draught Publishing

The Ventilator App App

Lung-protective ventilation is the only thing proven to save lives in patients with acute lung injury/ARDS. This app will help you quickly set the appropriate tidal volume for patients with acute respiratory failure. There's also a calculator that uses the patient's existing PEEP, FiO2, and PaO2 to advise you about what changes to make.

A guide to ventilator troubleshooting and adjustments is also included. This app is a perfect tool for critical care physicians, residents / registrars in the ICU, respiratory therapists, critical care nurses, and anyone else caring for the critically ill.

This app is complementary to Dr. William Owens' successful book, 'The Ventilator Book' available on