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Platform: iPhone & iPod Touch | Country: Finland (Helsinki) | Client: Agogo Eats

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Here at veggoagogo we never set out to produce an all encompassing travel translation app - the sort of thing that'd help you board a bus bound for Baku or book a bed and breakfast in Budapest. Far from it in fact. Now while there's probably a ton of general travel translation apps on the market that do a delightful job, at veggoagogo we're keeping things simple. We're taking things niche. We're looking to do one thing and one thing alone, and we're looking to do it very well indeed.

We're providing the modern vegetarian traveller with an app that lends at least a little confidence to a situation that has filled vegetarians with dread for decades. Yep, you guessed it, ordering vegetarian food on the road.

You've all been there, heading out for a meal in a distant land clinging to a scrap of paper stating you're vegetarian, written by a well-meaning local. You've probably done your very best to perfect the pronunciation of the word vegetarian in the local lingo. You may have even clucked like a chicken or mooed like a cow before shaking your head and an index finger in unison.

But however confident you are that the vegetarian message has hit home with the waiter and then the cook in question, you're never entirely positive that when your meal arrives, that there's not going to be a little animal matter in there somewhere - a slither of bacon, a scrap of fish or a morsel of mutton.

Now while we can't make a rock-solid guarantee that utilising our app will result in the sort of traveller's feast that we see regularly featured in the travel section of the Sunday papers, we are confident that your vegetarian requirements will at least get through to those preparing your dish.

So next time you're feeling peckish at a night market in Jakarta or you fancy a bite at a bar in Lima, let veggoagogo do the talking for you. Flash our app then sit back and enjoy your vegetarian meal with confidence.