Umpire Tracker

Umpire Tracker
Designed for iPad

Platform: iPad | Country: Australia (Melbourne) | Client: The Modern Game

Umpire Tracker App

Are you an Umpire Coach/Advisor at the local, community football level? If so, your world is about to get a whole lot easier!

This umpire coaching app has been specifically designed with the input of experienced umpires, and you will now be able to capture all your observations and feedback while seeing much more of the game.

The Modern Game: Umpire Tracker App allows you to observe up to 3 field umpires in the one game. Built for iPad's, you can observe each umpire by decision, free kick paid, in which zone of the ground, which team it was paid for/against along with enter comments specific to the observation. All this information is saved in history and detailed reports can be shared with each umpire following the game.

'Umpire Tracker' is very affordable, easy to use and removes the need for you to write down detailed notes on a piece of paper. With a few simple taps, you capture the information and get back to watching the game so you 'see more and write less'. Imagine having real time observations and feedback on your iPad to share with each umpire at the quarter time and half-time breaks. The Modern Game: Umpire Tracker gives you this opportunity!

To start a new observation, enter in the name of the home team and opposition team, the round number, ground location and then set up the number of umpires you would like to observe - by name and number (if applicable). You can then select the free kicks you would like to track (likely to be all of them) and then tap start. Throughout each quarter, you simply select the umpire in control of the game at that point in time, tap 'New Observation' and select the 'decision', 'free kick', 'for/against' and 'zone'. From there, enter any specific comments and tap save. As you move from quarter to quarter, all information from the previous quarter will automatically save.

Whether you are observing one umpire or three, at the tap of a button, you will have 'real time' feedback and at the end of the game, you can make detailed notes of your observations and email them if you wish.

Main Features:

  • Simple and quick to use
  • Can observe up to 3 field umpires by name and number (if desired)
  • You select the free kicks you want to track (add your own if you wish)
  • Allows you to enter detailed notes as you go and at the end of each game
  • Timestamps notes for easy reference
  • Live data can be accessed and shared in 'real time'
  • All information is saved in history and can be accessed for future reference
  • Quality reports produced in summary form and by individual umpire and sent by email direct from the app
  • Customization options throughout the app - to best suit your needs and taste.