Trivia Master Flags

Trivia Master Flags
Designed for iPad

Platform: iPad | Country: Australia (Sydney) | Client: The Lucky Chicken

Trivia Master Flags App

Trivia Master is a new and fun way to play trivia with your friends, colleagues, random people on the street or yourself.

Trivia Master: Flags allows you to be the Trivia Master. You might be heading out on a road trip, having a beer down at the pub with your mates or at home with family. Wherever you are, you control the flags, the trivia and the fun. With no additional downloads (except for if you want to view the countries' location in Maps), you can take the fun everywhere! With three Modes to choose from:, you are the Trivia Master.

Infinite Mode - You can play with a group of friends, or even by yourself! A random flag is shown in full retina resolution, and participants can either take turns guessing or quickly shout out the flags country name. As Trivia Master, you also hold additional information such as the country's capital city, currency and official languages, which can be used as hints or for additional trivia.

Challenge Mode - Challenge yourself to a multiple choice game, by guessing the country name for the displayed flag. Try and get your best score out of ten!

Browse Mode - You can also use the countries in the database as a reference guide. Simply browse for the country alphabetically, or find your country using the search function. All in High Definition (HD) Retina Display for those devices that support it.

Trivia Master: Flags includes all United Nations recognized sovereign states only.