My Footy Stats

My Footy Stats
Designed for iPhone & iPod Touch

Platform: iPhone & iPod Touch | Country: Australia (Victoria) | Client: EvolveIT Australia

My Footy Stats App

Gone are the days of using a pen and paper to record statistics for your son, mates, brother or team mates.

With My Footy Stats players at any level can now easily access detailed personal statistical information previously only available at a professional level.

Have you ever wondered where on the oval a player gains their possessions? Or when a player gets a possession and even how long since their last possession? With the My Footy Stats heat map and detailed stats summary list this information is now at your fingertips.

My Footy Stats is a user friendly Australian Rules Football app that allows you to enter and analyse the game statistics of your favorite players on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

All game information such as score, opposition, location as well as player statistics information is saved to History where it can be recalled and viewed at any time.

After the game you can view the Game Summary, Statistical Reports, Game Analysis and then share this information to Facebook, Twitter or simply save it to your camera roll as a photo.

Features of the My Footy Stats iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app are:

  • Create player profiles
  • Track and analyse up to 4 players at any one time
  • Player heat map displaying where possessions were gathered
  • Detailed player statistical summary
  • Fantasy score displayed
  • Match timer
  • Social media sharing upload options
  • Custom player and team lists