Incident Report

Incident Report
Designed for iPhone & iPad

Platform: iPhone & iPad | Country: South Africa (Johannesburg) | Client: Simple Operating Systems

Incident Report App

An easy way of reporting an incident. The app selections and inputs will populate a pdf report, detailing the date/time, causes, outcomes, locations etc on "injuries, deaths or near misses". In addition to making selections, there are added features which allow you to type in further details as well as save voice recordings.

The app has been designed with a simple workflow to guide reporters through the key steps required to record and generate important information, documenting an incident adequately. In addition to this, the audio features allow illiterate persons to make use of the app simply by having the instructions read out to them in English or French. The location of the incident can be determined automatically, with the option of various map types, alternatively if recording the location is an issue due to poor signal, the details of the address/location/site/project can be typed in manually.

There is an English or French reporting option. The reports can also be customized with personal and company details and logos if required. A further feature is that numerous email addresses can be set-up (distribution list) to receive the report. A "save" feature displays the draft or saved reports in a visible filing system with "post-its" on the file summarizing the draft or saved reports. It has been designed with the reporter in mind, so it is easy to use, can work off-line and helps to ensure competent reporting.


  • English and French language options.
  • Pictures and audio files can be attached to the report when sent.
  • Locations can be geo-referenced.
  • A pdf report is created from the selections and input.
  • Photos and audis saved with the report and filed automatically.
  • Suitable for literate and illiterate persons.