Firefighter Knowledge Challenge

Firefighter Knowledge Challenge
Designed for iPhone & iPad

Platform: iPhone & iPad | Country: USA (California) | Client: Fire Dog Apps

Firefighter Knowledge Challenge App

Fire Dog Apps is a mobile application development company... We make apps! Although we specialize in apps for fire and emergency services (mainly games and productivity) we endeavor to create apps for all industries.

Fire Dog Apps was started in late 2012 and will release its first app in March 2013. A number of other apps are in the planning and development stages. We have a team of developers at our disposal ready to make the next idea a reality. Please contact us if you would like to utilize our services. Until then feel free to browse our growing site and check out our newest app Firefighter Knowledge Challenge!

Each game has 10 questions randomly selected from an assortment of Firefighter related categories. Some questions are Picture questions. The picture will display for a few seconds before the question starts. There will be a small picture button next to the Question showing a mini-version of the picture. If you need to see the Picture again, press the Picture button. However, the timer continues to count-down, so don't take too long or you will run out of time! You have 15-seconds to answer each question.

Questions are worth 50 points each and the last question (Bonus Round) is worth 150 points. If the "Time Left" drops below 10-seconds, then each second reduces the Question's point value by 10%. Correct answers get the Question's point value added to your score. Wrong answers have 10 points deducted from your score. If time runs-out without answering the Question, then 25 points are deducted from your score. It is possible to have a negative total score in this game.If you leave the app (including sending to background) in the middle of a game, you will forfeit the game and lose all its points.

If you pause the app (by pressing the Close button) in the middle of a game, you will be penalized 5-seconds if you resume the game. If there were less than 5-seconds of play time remaining, you will forfeit the game and lose all its points.At the start of each game, the top 3 scores are listed. In case of a tie score, then the earliest time is highest in order. 600 points is the highest possible score per game.

After each game, your final score is displayed with your Nickname and Fire Department name. You can change Player information at this point before it is saved. There are Game Center Achievements (Badges) for Perfect Scoring Games, Total number of Questions answered and your Rank among other players.