TBO Challenge Trivia App

TBO Challenge Trivia App Enterprise Edition

TBO Challenge Trivia App
Designed for iPad

Platform: iPad | Country: USA (Georgia) | Client: Exhibitus

TBO Challenge Trivia App App

Reusable trivia app for client exhibits to display a lively animated experience as well as reviewing key event topics. The user is presented with a familiar interface of a question followed my multiple choice answers. Once an answer is selected, the user will see the correct answer animated in green colors. If the user selected an incorrect answer, that answer is colored red.

Using rapid integration techniques, Creative App Solutions can deliver high quality applications for use in Conventions, Exhibition and Event marketing spaces. Flexible designs, including the collection of User response analytics offer per-event income generation possibilities.

User responses are tracked as analytics to be able to determined which questions were answered, skipped, correct, incorrect, etc. Review of this information can anonymously report which topics were clear, understood or many require additional training and/or information to educate user on topic.

Several custom gestures, statistic usage analytics on user responses. Strong design and emphasis on simplicity and intuitive interface.